Studio A 

Aesthesia Studios - Studio A

Aesthesia’s main video and photo studio is ideal for larger photo shoots and small to medium commercials, web or broadcast productions.

This 3000 sq. ft. studio features a three-wall double cove cyc, flying flat, truck height drive-in door, private makeup, wardrobe and green rooms and is supplied with ample power. Studio A is ideal for automotive, celebrity and product photography as well as single camera or multi-camera live switched video projects. 


  • Air Conditioning and Exhaust Vent
  • 22' Ceiling, 20' to the Grid, 17' to the Catwalk
  • Audio-Video Patch Panel from Studio to Control Room
  • 600 Amp Camlock Power
  • Remote Control Flying Flat
  • Ceiling Hatch for Overhead Shots
  • Scissor Lift On-site 
  • Truck Height Drive-in Door w/ Loading Area
  • Private Entrance

Studio B

Aesthesia Studios - Studio B

This 1300 sq. ft. studio offers a cyc, private makeup room and both interior and exterior lounges. The intimacy of this studio coupled with our equipment resources make this studio an ideal space for e-commerce, editorial and product photography as well as interviews and small commercials.


  • Air Conditioning and Exhaust Vent
  • 22' Ceiling, 20' to the Grid
  • 600 Amp Camlock Power
  • Comfortable Lounge Area w/ Mini Fridge
  • Private Entrance
  • Private Dressing Room / Makeup / Green Room
  • Production Office Available
  • High Speed Internet
  • Private Restrooms
  • iPhone Docks/MP3 Inputs through SONOS Audio System
  • Plumbed with Compressed Air Outlets for Quiet Build Days
  • Full Kitchen Available




Aesthsia Studios - Penthouse

At 2000 sq. feet, the Penthouse is an open, versatile studio great for a wide range of lifestyle and location projects. Its hardwood floors, 17-foot tall ceiling, and wall of windows combine to make it a bright, room and dynamic space for interviews, direct marketing projects and lifestyle commercials. Or it can serve as an indulgent VIP add-on to Studio A. The Penthouse has a full kitchen, green room, dressing room and private restroom with a shower. 


  • 17 Foot High Ceiling
  • 600 Amp Camlock Power 
  • Full Practical Kitchen
  • High Speed Internet
  • Green Room
  • Dressing Room
  • Private Restroom with Shower
  • Hardwood Floor 

North Light 

Aesthesia Studios - North Light

Aesthesia’s natural light photo studio is well appointed for small to medium photo shoots and some smaller video projects.

Our 1100 sq. ft. natural light studio with its wall of windows facing true north and multiple skylights provides soft even lighting throughout the day. Its third story location keeps North Light Studio free from traffic reflection and makes it a great space to work from when shooting on out terrace and outdoor cyc.


  • 17 Foot High Ceiling
  • 200 Amp Camlock
  • Air Conditioning
  • Pre-rigged Batons to Silk the Windows
  • Hair & Makeup Station
  • High Speed Internet 


Aesthesia Studios - Terrace

Aesthesia’s 3300 sq. foot terrace is home to a rooftop cyc perfect for shooting in los angeles’ abundant natural light.

The cyc rolls on casters, allowing it to be positioned around The Terrace to follow the sun for optimal effect. The Terrace also features an outdoor seating area, a great rooftop view and cool contemporary architecture that creates some fantastic shadows to work with. 


  • 3300 Square Feet of Outdoor Space
  • 12 x 12 Hard Cyc on Wheels
  • 200 Amp Camlock
  • Hair & Makeup Access
  • High Speed Internet
  • Outdoor Lounge
  • Restrooms